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Channel continuous presses, greater capabilities are suitable for compressing non-metallic materials (paper, PET packaging, plastic bottles, foil, etc..).

They are used mainly in the sorting plant in which waste is collected separately or. processes, where the continuous molded material requires a bale in the form of cubes.

They are divided into three basic groups:

  • KK(models: S-20KK, S-30KK, S-50KK)
  • K (models: S-60K, S-100K)
  • PK (models: S-50PK, S-60PK, S-100PK)

Presses type KK are modern short version of continuous presses. Their installation requires little work space. They have easier and cheaper construction so these machines are suitable for less intensive work. Shearing force of 20 to 60 tons.

Presses type K have a classic design and require more work space on the type of KK . They have a heavier structure and, consequently, a higher cost in terms of capacity. Shearing force is from 60 to 130 tonnes.

Presses type PK have a classic construction with pre-compression. A larger work space. Their tough and robust construction suitable for bulky materials (film, foam rubber, cardboard, ...) Shearing force of these presses from 50 to 100 tons.

Continuous pressing machine type "PK"
Continuous pressing machine type "PK" has a classical construction with pre-pressing. This pressing machine is used for pressing paper,pasteboard, PVC packaging, plastic bottles,foils, foamy rubber,...
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KK is a modern minor type of continuous pressing machines
KK is a modern minor type of continuous pressing machines. It is suitable for pressing paper, cardboard and especially for pressing specified waste. It is not suitable for PVC packaging and foils.
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Vertical presses are adapted for pressing small quantities of packaging waste and other waste. They need less work space.
Types S 7a, S-10a, S-32P are suitable for the compression of waste paper, cardboard, textiles, foils, and PET package.

Type S-30S is suitable for a metal container, and 200 L barrels.
Type S-30VNM, which has a built-profiled cladding to the size of the pressing chamber 700 x 700 x 1200 is suitable for cans, appliances and housing washing machines and cookers.

Presses have the capability of reducing the volume by 6 - 10x.
The capacity of these machines is between 300-700 kg / hour, the quantity of waste to 2000 kg.

The size and weight of the bale:
  • 800x600x 650(mm)up to 30kg S-7a
  • 1000x700x 900(mm) up to 350kg S-10a
  • 700x700x 900(mm)up to 400kg S-32P

Binding the bale is manually with PVC cord or wire.

The power of the drive of the hydraulic pump-motor unit is to 4 kW (S-7, S-10a, S-30S), 7.5kW (S-32P) up to 11kW (S-30VNM).
Vertical Pressing machines S-30
Vertical Pressing machines S-30 are the biggest type of VERTICAL pressing machines. They are suitable for pressing metal packagings (for instance:barrels)
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S-7a is a minor type of pressing machinne
S-7a is a minor type of pressing machinnes. It is suitable for smaller stores and companies, where the amount of waste paper, cardboard, etc is minor.The main purpose of pressing machine is to reduce volume of waste material and consequently, to redu
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Presses for packaging are the processing machinery - packaging scrap metal sheet.

The basic function is to reduce the volume of waste material. Designed packages are easy to further manipulation.

We offer devices with single-stage and two-stage compression. Pre-compression of the cover performs.

Filling in the bale chamber or. unit can be controlled manually in small machines (LMC 430, 500, 600, S-125, S-50DP, S-40PL, and S-170) and at packaging ferrous metals.

For larger machines (S-265 and S-400) filling the place with appropriate means: lifts with polips grabs, conveyor belts ...

Model presses the S-170 has been developed specifically for the compression of Al, where we need a lot of the loading area, at the end we need a small bale or package.
In our presses is installed the most advanced control technology and hydraulics.

Handling with machinery is performed by PLCs (S-125a, LMC-500a, S-265, S-400) in the program are also manually operated machines.

Power unit is usually electric, we also offer diesel execution.

The power drive unit ranges from 5.5 kW up to 75kW.
Pressing Machine Type S-400
Pressing Machine Type S-400 is the largest type of pressing machines. It can be filled up by stacionary or mobile lift. In our program we have an electric and a diesel version.
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Hydraulic shears are universal machine for cutting or packaging metal waste with medium thickness.
For the cutting of the steel dimensions 800 x 600 mm, a length of from 1000 to 1200 mm, which is suitable for the ironworks or. foundries and to create packages that are suitable for further treatment in shredders.
Cutting the length of the iron can be controlled even after liking.

We offer loading sinks, length 4,5 m or the 6m.

The production program we offer the following types HS-600P, HS-600PK, HS-450PKMobil and HS-800PK;

The production program we offer the following types HS-600P, HS-600PK, HS-450PKMobil and HS-800PK;

  • two-piece premilinary press cover, which successfully pressing voluminous metal waste
  • blankholder bat before the knife
  • Shear edge of a knife
  • robust guide of guillotine with adjustable guide rails
  • anti-wear coating of steel HARDOX
  • central lubrication guillotine
  • remote control
  • independence from the el. energy
  • option to work independently presses without scissors at other locations

    Built-in power is 130kW at diesel execution, but at the electro isexecution 2x55 kW

    The productivity of the machine when cutting is 6-9 tons / hour, with packaging is 8 to 9 tons / hour.

    Hydraulic shears HŠ-..tip..PK
    Hydraulic shears are universal machine for pressing waste steel into the packages and cutting steel to a required dimensions for further use. This shears have the same principe of working as PK pressing machine. Our program has an ELECTRIC and a DIESEL engine.
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    Example of operation:

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