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Ekop d.o.o.
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Municipal waste mixed waste is grouped in one place. In order to obtain more of the waste and at the same time taking care of the environment they continue to be separated. This is where the company EKOP d.o.o. come into.

In addition to the stationary sorting lines we offer you modular and mobile sorting.
Modular sorting forms a set of modules which be folded together by segments. The advantage of modular construction is in mobility. Modules can be easily loaded onto trucks and drive to another location.

Movable sorting are intended to separation of three different fractions. Cab can be loaded onto a truck and drive it to the desired location. There we place it on their feet and open the side door and with the help of the elevator conveyor placed at the desired height. Sorting has the ability to power itself with its own diesel generator, or it can be connected to the electricity grid.

Devices for the continuous separation of mixed municipal waste will allow you to finally get the waste, which you can submit for further processing.
Useful waste collected by separation are:
  • ferrous metal
  • non-ferrous metals
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • plastics, which are separated by quality and color

We offeryou a expert advice, which includes making a 3D model of the device according to your requirements.

We offer a full realization of the project, which includes:
  • planning and coordination of sorting lines
  • manufacture and delivery of equipment
  • installation of equipment
  • manufacture electrical installations
  • start the line
  • training and handling of the line
  • regular servicing of equipment


Movable waste sorting plant
Movable waste sorting plant can easily be moved to a different locations by container-transporting truck. It can be placed on a location without electrical wiring because it has a diesel aggregate installed.
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Sortirg line for mixed municipal waste
Sorting plant takes up a little space. It contains all important devices for continuous sorting.
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Rubber conveyor belt with transport chain
Rubber conveyor belt with transport chain is used for transporting material which need to be lifted as high as possible on a very short distance. The conveyor belt is used for filling material to presses (continuous presses) and crushers for making w
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Waste sorting plant for sorting packagings
We made a waste sorting plant for sorting packagings, located in Ljubljana.
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Small-sized sorting plant
We made a small-sized sorting plant for mixed municipal waste. It is located in Montenegro.
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Sorting line for municipal waste in Koroško region
Sorting line for municipal waste in Koroško region (Slovenia, EU).
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